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How we work

Our foundry is based in China and thank to our Italian colleagues resident there we can offer three kind of services:

  • Production according to drawing of steel and non-ferrous materials made items through “lost wax” casting, fast prototyping and die-casting processes. We complete our activity by supplying even the sole machining of semi-finished products, from the easiest until the most complex machining operations such as the moulds for thermoplastic materials injections.

  • Inspections and quality tests to be carried out locally, before shipping final products to Europe. This is a service meant for those customers already working with their own Chinese suppliers but still needing to be sure about the quality of the goods to be delivered to the. When requested by the customer we can also enter into the merit of production process in order to improve it and reach the wished quality level (we can supply specimen of the some of our Reports in this respect)

  • Scouting and trading activity to be carried out in the Chinese production scene in order to find new suppliers/products. This particular activity is devoted to those customers asking to be supported in the supply of products which fall outside their core-business but anyhow do constitute an important service to complete their offer to their final customers.

Examples of our machining