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The company

Lario Industry Srl is a dynamic company with twenty year experience and specialised in providing customized products for mechanical industry, plant engineering and shipbuilding. It is a company deeply rooted in the industrial area of lecco where one can breathe a-century-old culture linked to the machining of special alloys and steel in all its forms and varieties.

From this context Lario Industry started to open up to the Far East market opportunities and to create synergies with those markets: with China, which is the custodian of a 5000 year culture in the production of lost-wax casting or with India, which is the world leader in the production of tubes for heat exchangers. Also with those in Lecco, the territory of mechanics, technicians and engineers, who turned it into a cradle of technological innovation, leading the northern area of Brianza to be one of the most creative and industrialised areas in Europe today with a rate of growth exceeding even the best european region.

Over the years Lario Industry offer has differentiated into niche areas where quality and attention to details have become its strength. We have left the production of basic components in South East Asia and we complete the finished product by leveraging our engineering culture and our strong attention to the quality and satisfaction of the most exacting demand. finally, we take care of direct delivery to their storages.

Lario Industry is headed by italian professionals with deep technical expertise, backed by a group of native chinese specialists (our foundry is located in China) and assisted by italian resident staff on site. These synergies developed in nearly 20 years of activity are made available to customers who, thanks to our assistance, are able to implement their products in South East Asia, to obtain sensitive competitive savings, to reduce starting times of new products and to avoid expensive trips.