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Piping for sea use, heat exchangers and plant engineering

Actively working in naval, heat exchangers, Industrial engineering and boilers maker, Lario Industry achieved a deep skill in supplying metallic semifinished items (pipes, plates, forget and casted pieces) meant for these particular areas. We represent Russian and Chinese pipes producers and rolling mill in order to supply pipes and plates in copper alloys such as Copper Nickel (cupronichel 90/10 e 70/30; C70600), Aluminium Brass, Admiralty Brass and nickel alloys such as 304SS and 316SS, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel.
We supply pipes according to the most common ASTM and ASME specifications (B622, B619, B626, etc) along with forged plates. Besides this, we also supply pipes and fittings for desalination plants, seawater plants and shipyards building in CUNI 90/10 having a maximum diameter of 219.1mm

Thanks to our local Chinese office, run by Italian personnel living on site, we offer the utmost quality control level in all production phases: from raw materials delivery (mother pipe) to the final step, the ultrasonic test or Eddy Current Test or according to the specific need of our customers.

Copper / Nickel CUNI 90/10 pipes and fittings catalogue
Pipes and fittings in stainless steel and nickel alloys catalogue