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About us

In early 1999, the founder members established a steady cooperation with the Asiatic “Power International Enterprise Group”: times were ripe enough for them to start using their thorough technical knowledge and management skills. This first direct experience gave them the opportunity to meet Asiatic mentality and to understand its different approach to job and its management.

Faster than others, they penetrated the Asiatic manufacturing environment, mainly China’s reality, and started weaving a close network of business relations with local companies. Thanks to this strict cooperation and permanent trips, some of the beginning relations with leading Chinese Companies working in stainless steel and special non-ferrous alloys fields became tight business partnerships.

This lead to the founding of Metal Unit srl Company February 2005 and two years later to the founding of the subsidiary Company EDSN based in Hong Kong.
This double structure allows us to supply consulting services and carry out orders management & customs operations directly from the Italian headquarters while EDSN Unit in Hong Kong directly follows on site relations with the manufacturing partners granting reliability and quality as to researches, production supervising and inspections activities.

In 2010, as consequence of taking part in relevant international projects, Metal Unit srl settled a new partnership with PSC (Kuwaiti Company belonging to The Sultan Group, Royal Family) and entered into the Middle-East market too.
Being active in various different fields (castings, machining, plants engineering, naval field) in 2012 it was decided to create a Metal Unit srl’s spin-off Company: Lario Industry srl, which is run by the same personnel, supported by the same experience, sharing the same partnerships, offering the same references.