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casting design

At Lario Industry, design is the beating heart of every project. It starts from active listening to ascertain the customer’s needs and specifications, a fundamental step that allows us to fully understand the needs but especially the expectations.

Every detail, every request is analysed with care and attention to ensure a complete understanding of the context and objectives of the project.

Once this fundamental information is acquired, our team of experts gets to work translating the ideas into a detailed and precise technical drawing.
The process of adaptation and optimisation of the technical design is essential to ensure that it is the best solution for the investment casting and, above all, to meet specific requirements. We often work “hand-in-hand” with the technical division of our customers to maximise the result with a view to co-engineering.

Each aspect is carefully evaluated to ensure the highest quality and precision of the final result.

Our in-depth knowledge in the field of investment casting allows us to offer design solutions that not only meet technical demands but also translate into specific results.

Prior to actual production, we take a digital prototyping approach. This phase allows viewing and testing the piece in a virtual environment, allowing corrections and refinements before physical realisation. This approach guarantees the utmost precision, a reduction of production waste (with consequent cost containment and savings for our customers) and allows in 90% of cases to arrive at the desired result with the first sampling, shortening the “time to market”.

Our goal is to transform ideas into a tangible reality, exceeding all expectations and ensuring the success of each project.

from concept to creation