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The company

Lario Industry Srl is a dynamic company with over 20 years of experience in the sector, specialising in the supply of tailor-made products for the mechanical, plant engineering and shipbuilding industries.

Rooted in the industrial fabric of Lecco, we carry forward a bicentennial culture linked to mechanical processing and special alloys and steel in all its forms.

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In 1999, eager to put their extensive technical expertise to good use, the founding partners began to collaborate together with the aim of creating a company with a strong technical imprint. This experience in the field allowed the company to quickly penetrate the Asian production scenario, especially in China, beginning to weave a dense network of commercial relations with local companies and create a ‘bridge’ with Italy.

From Lecco, in the region of Lombardy, the idea arose to open up to the opportunities offered by the Far East markets and to create synergies with China, holder of a thousand-year culture in the production of lost-wax castings, and with India, the world leader in the production of heat exchanger pipes.

The territory of Lecco, rich in mechanics, technicians and engineers, has transformed Alta Brianza into one of the most industrialised and creative industrial areas in Europe.

Over the years, our range has differentiated into niche sectors, where quality and attention to detail have become our strength.

We leave the production of basic components in the Southeast Asia region and complete the finished product by taking advantage of our engineering culture and continuous attention to quality along with the most demanding requirements.

Lario Industry is managed by Italian professionals with deep technical experience, with the help of a group of native Chinese speaking specialists and local Italian staff.

These synergies, developed over almost 20 years of activity, are at the service of our customers to implement their products in Southeast Asia, achieve significant competitive savings and reduce the start-up time of new products.


Through years of exchanges and continuous visits, the forged partnerships have developed to the point of defining a close collaboration relationship with leading Asian manufacturers in the sectors of stainless steels and special non-ferrous alloys.

2005 saw the foundation of Metal Unit Srl in the wake of the experience gained and the close ties woven, followed two years later by the foundation of the subsidiary EDSN in Hong Kong.

Metal Unit Srl was later joined by Kuwaiti PSC, opening us to the Middle Eastern market.

Over the years, the sectors have differentiated, moving from casting to mechanical processing, from plant engineering to the shipbuilding sector.

In 2012, we decided to create a spin-off of Metal Unit Srl, retaining personnel, experiences, references, partnerships and customers that have merged into Lario Industry Srl, thus combining experience, passion and innovation under a single entity.

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